Buy Myself A Chance chords with lyrics by Randy Rogers Band - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Randy Rogers Band – Buy Myself A Chance chords

C#m E C#m E

C#m EI've been watching you stare at the floor
C#m EThat guy's got two left feet
C#m EI might be wrong but I think you're bored
A BYou look like someone that I'd like to meet
C#m EI could walk over and say hello
C#m EI think I need one more drink
C#m EIt's lookin like you're getting ready to go
A BGotta find something to say now let me think
A B EWell if things don't work out by the next song
A B C#mand you're lookin for someone who can dance
F# G# AI'll be right over here by the jukebox
B A B EWith a quarter in my hand, trying to buy myself a chance
C#m ESaw my reflection in an empty glass
C#m ESo I rehearsed my line
C#m EI aint lookin for trouble
I know you came in here with him tonight Chorus Bridge
C#m AWell here goes nothing, I hope its something
BWalking across the floor
C#m ACross my fingers, I tap your shoulder and I say
BIve never done this before
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