Missing You Is More Than I Can Do chords with lyrics by Randy Rogers Band - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Randy Rogers Band – Missing You Is More Than I Can Do chords

A A DBright lights and big city nights, drove you right outta town,
Bm E D A I watched you leave with a smile on your face, knew i could never tie you down
A A D DGot settled down at the seashore inn, & you made some new friends on your own,
Bm E D ANow its been two years and im not quite sure, but i dont think youre comin home
F#m Bm E AWhile youre starin at the stars tonight, im all wrapped up and blue..
Bm E A F#mIf i had it my way, id be on that train to L.A.
Bm E ACause i never met, somebody quite like you,
Bm E A F#mAnd i think it would be awesome, if youd get on that plane to austin
Bm E AMaybe missin you is more than i can do
A A DWe both knew it was long overdue when you finally got your break
Bm E D ANow you get to see the world and im so proud, everybody knows your name
A A DDont take this wrong cause i know you belong, out there on that stage....
Bm E D ABut i swear if my life were an open book, it would be missin a page
F#m Bm E AWhile the sun sets, in hollywood hills my heart is broken in two..
Chorus x2
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