This Is Me chords with lyrics by Randy Travis for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Randy Travis – This Is Me chords

E   A   E   A

E A E ALately I get the feeling there's a feeling that you're holding in
E C#m7 F#m7 B A B7Why do you keep your distance as close as we've been
E Bm7 A Do you think your silence is saying there ain't nothing wrong with you
Am6 E B7 EThis is me you're not talking to
D E7 A B E This is me, the one who knows you inside out
AThe one you've leaned on til now
C#7 B A BDon't you know I'm still here for you
E ASo what do you think you're doing
G#m7 C#m7Who do you think you're fooling
E B7 E AThis is me you're not talking to
You can run to me no matter what you're running from If it's something I'm doing I'll get it undone Just don't let me be a stranger to what you're going through This is me you're not talking to CHORUS
E B7 E A EHey this is me you're not talking to
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