Rannie Raymundo - Why Cant It Be chords


D G F#m BmYou came along, unexpectedly
Em A D G - AI was doing fine in my little world
D G Oh baby please donít get me wrong
F#m BmĎCause Iím not complaining
Em A7But you see, you got my mind spinning
GWhy canít it be
F#m Bm Why canít it be the two of us
G F#m BmWhy canít we be lovers, only friends
Em F#m GYou came along at the wrong place, at the wrong time
A D G - AOr was it me
D G F#m BmBaby I dream of you every minute
Em AYouíre in my dreams
DYouíre always in it
D GThatís the only place I know
F#m BmWhere you could be mine
Em,F#mAnd Iím yours (baby Iím yours)
G A7But only ítil I wake up
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