Rapture Ruckus – Hold On chords

Am When the lights are fading
F GWhen all hope is gone
Chorus 1:
CYou got to hold on
CHelp is coming
AmYou got to hold on
F GYou’re gonna make it through the rain
CThrough the rain through the pain
Through the fire and flame The same name I claim to The same that remains
AmThe name above of me
Above death and a grave
FThe same name that cures cancer
GAnd gives strength to the lame
CThe same name that came and
Shadows my chains The same name that will come and do The same again for you
Am It’s gonna come from
FYes it’s true Jesus
GIt is the only name that’s gonna pull you through
Chorus 1 (2x) Cause he said He’ll never leave us or forsake us And that’s the only word You need to hold to and you’ll never be lonely homey I know it ain’t the only person out there hurting Who's flirted with the fact of ending it all But been averted and I know so many there who have had it Much harder Got no food in there bellies No mothers or fathers So many Questions out there that need answers to but even if it Comes down to the final hour Man he'll still come through Chorus 1 (3x) Chorus 2: (2x)
DYou got to hold on
Through the pain Through the flame Your above every name
DHelp is coming
BmYou got to hold on
G AYou’re gonna make it through the rain
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