Rascals - I Aint Gonna Eat tab

"I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore"
                       (Pam Sawyer - Lori Burton)

Intro:	[acoustic guitar strums eighth notes over organ swell]

	/ / / /  / / / /

Verse 1:

	 F     Eb                      F
	(Yeah)    I admit you got the biggest brown eyes
	         Eb                            F          Eb
	And you know how to part your lips to tantalize, sure
	 F     Eb                               F
	(Yeah)    You can get any man you want goin' and you do it
	     Eb                          C
	And don't say you don't know you do


	               F                      Eb
	Well, baby, I ain't gonna eat out my heart anymore
	   F                      Eb
	I ain't gonna eat out my heart anymore
	So quit it


	[C C#] Dm                C           [single notes, acoustic guitar]
	          I love you, I love you, I do, little girl
	Eb                       F
	   But you ain't gonna cheat on me
	[C C#] Dm                C
	          I need you, I need you, I [2: really] do, girl
	 Eb                  C                Eb  C
	Choose, is it him or me (is it him or me)

Verse 2:

	(Yeah)  Just 'cause I ain't been sayin' it, girl
	You should be ashamed of what I've been seein' - bad
	(Yeah)  You better watch your step or, girl
	You can bet you're gonna lose the best thing you ever had

[repeat chorus]

Guitar solo:

	F       Eb        [4X]
	/ / / /  / / / /

[repeat bridge]


	   F                      Eb
	I ain't gonna eat out my heart anymore	[repeat to fade]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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