Ratboys – Control chords

[Verse 1]
Ab Gb DbI almost saw a train wreck
Ab Gb DbmThen I had to look away
Ab Gb DbNever had I wondered before
Ab Gb DbWhat happened when metal bent and tore
Ab Gb DbI ran across manhole covers
Ab Gb DbmToward the center of my Earth
Ab Gb . DbValleys and other landmarks
A Gb DbVisions of big machines transformed
Bbm Ab Gb Db [Verse 2]
Ab Gb DbWalking around in St. Matthews
Ab Gb BbmThe winds were light and the roads were wet
Ab Gb DbThose green sloping mountains over
Ab Gb DbLeading up to gravel beds
Ab Gb DbMy brother Paul was walking aimless
Ab Gb BbmMy father Pete had turned away
Ab Gb DbPaul stumbled toward a roaring train track
Ab Gb DbHe was only four years old that day
Bbm Ab Gb Db [Chorus]
Bbm EbWho's in control?
Bbm AbmWho's in control?
Gb Db [Bridge]
Ab Gb DbI barely saw it happen
Ab Ebm BbThe ground€™s monumental shake
Ab Gb DbThere must have been two feet between them
Ab Gb DbBefore those two hands snatched him safe
Ab Gb DbAs we headed home to beat the sunset
Ab Gb BbmI heard him crying overhead
Ab Gb DbThat night I dreamt we turned the lights out
Ab Gb DbAnd wandered far away from this
Bbm Ab Gb Db [Chorus]
Bbm EbWho's in control?
Bbm AbYeah, who's in control?
Ab Gb DbNow I'm sitting on a bridge
Ab Gb BbmOut in Portland, Oregon
Ab Gb DbThe old day begins to shudder
Ab Gb DbAnd rolling on, becomes another
Gb Db
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