Ray Materick – Emily chords


D Telephone rang late last night
C A voice said daddy are you feelin' all right
G Said, every bone in my body aches
D But ya, im all right.
D I got a fire down deep inside
C I got two fists full of pride
G D But you know that i love your company
C G D Emily
D I gave nothin', got nothin' in return
C All my bridges were burned
G A long lesson that Iv'e learned
D But ya, I'm all right
D Every dog has its day
C And what more can I say
G D But hey, I love your company
C G D Emily
(Instrumental for 4 bars)
(bridge) C D Last night the radio played my favorite song
C D And it only made me think of you
D I believe I been left for dead
C Crazy ideas runnin' through my head
G D All of them, they only lead to sorrow
D I'm sorry for what did
C But after everythings been said
G D I love your company
C G D Emily (4x)
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