Ray Peterson – Tell Laura I Love Her tab

       G                                 C                 
1. Laura and Tommy were lovers,    
            G                          C 
    he wanted to give her everything, 
     Em        Am                  D                 D7 
    flowers, presents, and most of all a wedding-ring. 
   G                                   C                  
2.    He saw a sign for a stock-car race,    
G                                C 
    a thousand dollar prize it read. 
           Em                       Am 
    He couldn` t get Laura on the phone, 
         D                     D7 
    so to her mother Tommy said. 
G                                                      Am 
    Tell Laura, I love her, tell Laura, I need her, 
                         G                            Am 
    tell Laura, I may be late, I`ve got something to do, 
D                      G 
    that cannot wait. 
  G                                        C 
3.    He drove his car to the racing ground, 
G                                     C 
    he was the youngest driver there. 
            Em                             Am 
    The crowd roared as they started the race, 
                       D                               D7 
    round the track they drove at a deadly pace. 
 G                                    C 
4.   No-one knows what happened that day, 
G                           C 
    how his car overturned in flames. 
          Em                                        Am 
    But as they pulled him from the twisted wreck, 
                   D                          D7 
    with his dying breath they heard him say. 
G                                                        Am 
    Tell Laura, I love her, tell Laura, I need her,  
                 G            Am                   D                 G 
tell Laura not to cry, my love for her    will never die. 
  G                                 C                
5.   Now in the chapel Laura prays,     
G                                   C 
    for her Tommy who passed away, 
              Em                     Am 
    it was just for Laura he lived and died, 
       D                                         D7 
    alone in the chapel she can hear him cry.   + Chorus
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