Ray Scott – Walls chords

INTRO: D  C  G  D (2x)

D CShe said goodbye
G DThen it's like she fell right off this earth
D CSix long nights
G DAin't seen hide nor hair of her
D CAnd this old Lazyboy
G DIs feelin' like my only friend
D CAnd there's sunshine shinin' on the world outside
G DBut there ain't none shinin' in
D CStartin' now, somehow
G DI gotta leave her in my past
D CWalk this floor right out that door
G D C-G-DBefore these walls start talkin' back
D CAnd I bet the neighbors think
G DEither I skipped town or I bought the farm
D CI got my shades pulled down
G DAnd there's a week's worth of papers in the yard
D CHey what was that?
G DDid I just hear somebody call my name?
D COh Lord knows I'm just a few thoughts shy
G DOf bein' certified insane
CHORUS, yeah that's a fact SOLO CHORUS, get me outta here D D C A C D D C A C D D
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