Raze - Always And Forever chords

This is the Owls & Otters cover of the Raze song, "Always and Forever"

(Capo 3) 

Verse 1:

Cthe stars will shine the moon will glow
Cthe sun will rise the grass will grow
Amsomethings will never change
Gjust like me and you
Cmountains high and valleys low
Ci have got to let you know
Amthat i am here for you
Gwhatever you go through
D C Ftroubles come and get you down i'll allways be around to say
C G Am GI will be here always and forever i'll be here for you
C G Amwe will be friends forever and ever
Cas far back as i can remember
Cthirty-one days in the month of december
Amlife will still go on
Gbut it's just not the same
Verse 2:
Cmiles and miles and miles are between us
Clike earth to mars and then on to venus
Amalthough you've gone away
Gi still see your face
D C Fand these memories linger on inside are hearts forever
Chorus (2x) Oh Lord, You've answered my prayers You sent me my best friend (2x) Chorus (2x)
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