Real Estate – Fake Blues tab

Real Estate - Fake Blues

Main riff:E|---------------|B|---------------|G|---5-7--7-5----|D|-7----------7--| A|---------------|e|---------------|
And the lead guitar plays it higher, maybe here:E|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|----15-17--17-15----|D|-17--------------17-| A|--------------------|e|--------------------|
Then the rhythm sometimes plays this riff:E|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-----5---------5---|D|-5/7---7\5-5/7---7-|A|-------------------|e|-------------------|
It's all pretty loosely structured, and you can throw in all kinds of variations. There's other parts that I can't distinguish enough to tab out, and the parts I do have tabbed may be in the wrong key.
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