Real Mckenzies – Get Lost tab

Bb                 Eb             Bb                     
go on get lost and joina punkrock band waste your skill, give up your job and 
C        F             Bb                          Eb
live in a stinky van they wont letcha take it easy you dont wanna take it slow 
Bb                    Gm                   C      Eb            Bb
gotta get yer ass to your next punk show, so yeah go on get lost
Bb                  Eb           Bb
go on get lost and fuck your life for good
Bb                                         C            F
fall threw the craks of society like your old man said you would

Gm                               Eb                    F
we dont need a stupid dj cuz we hate the radio and we dont own a fuckin tv
               Bb                        Gm
set because we aint even got a home got no job no pets no family cuz were 
Eb                             F            
forever on the road, if you think its so damn easy, just get lost


Bb Bb Eb Bb Bb Bb C F Bb Eb Bb Gm C Eb Bb 

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