Rebel Souljahz – Skankin chords


Hey this is my version of this song it sounds pretty accurate to me but if you have any 
corrections please rate and comment. It has ya typival reggae strum and same chords throughout...

Composed By: Rebel Souljahz
Performed By: Rebel Souljahz

Chords: Am, G

S-K-A-N-K-I-N the night away
But ah we are skankin'...Skankin' yeah. (2x)

Verse 1:
Comin' in from the island,
Yes the island where I'm from.
Well ah representin' Oahu numbah one.
Never we forget about this place that live in me.
Rememberin' all the time that ah we was blazin' up on.
But I say now, sippin' on some 40's all day buddah thru the night.
Go down to the beach and then the fire lit up the sky.

We are soliders, repeat ourself.
We are soldiers, ahhhh.
Born and raised Hawaiian soliders.
Lord have mercyyy.
Lord ah we are soliders.
Ohh yeahhh.
Born and raised Hawaiian soliders.

Verse 2:
The night is still young,
but the party's down in mokes.
But ah we are all skankin' to this song that ah we enforce.
Buddah naw mean, skankin' it with some braddahs.
Skankin' it with some sistahs.
Well ah go down to the beach and we will herb that sensimillia.


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