Red House Painters – Katy Song tab

Artist: Red House Painters
Songs: Katy Song
Album: Red House Painters I
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning (Capo I)

Am:  002210
C:   032010
Em:  022000
F:   133211
G:   320033

Riff 1: Played throughout all verses Cmaj Fe|----------------------------------|B|-1p0-------------0----------------|G|---------------------2---2--------|D|-----2-----2---2---2-------3---3--|A|---------3---3---------------3----|E|-------3---------------1----------|
Verse 1 Chords: Cmaj F Cmaj some escape some door to open F Cmaj this path seems the blackest but I guess it's the soonest F Cmaj but there in the clearing I know you'll be wearing F your young aching smile and waving your hand Chorus Chords: G F G can't go with my heart when I can't feel what's in it I F thought you'd come over but for some reason you didn't Am Em F glass on the pavement under my shoe F G C without you is all my life amounts to Verse 2: use verse 1 Chords a final sleep no words from my cutting mouth to your ear or taut wicked pinches from my fingers to your bitter face that i can't heal Chorus Chords: I know tomorrow you will be somewhere in London living with someone you've got some kind of family there to turn to and that's more than I could ever give you
SOLO 1: C F C Am Em Fe|---2--2-2-5--5--5-5/7-3--12-12-8-0--0-0-1------------------|B|------------------------------------------3--3-3-5-1-------| then,G|-----------------------------------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------|
F C Fe|-----------0--0-0---0--0--0-0-3--3--3-3-----|B|-1--1-1-1---------3-------------------------| then,G|-0--0-0-0-----------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------|
C Fe|---3---------1----------|B|-----3-3--1--------0-0--| (play this line 5x)G|---------------2-2------|
Verse 3: Use verse 1 chords A chance for calm a hope for freedom outlet from my cold solitary kingdom by the forest of our spring stay where you walked away Chorus Chords: and left a bleeding part of me empty and bothered watching the water quiet in the corner numb and falling through without you what does my life amount to
SOLO 2: C F C Am Em Fe|---2--2-2-5--5--5-5-6-7-3--12-12-8-0--0-0-1--------0-----------|B|--------------------------------------------3--3-3---1---------| then,G|---------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
F C Fe|-----------0--0-0---0--0--0-0-3--3--3-3-----|B|-1--1-1-1---------3-------------------------|G|-0--0-0-0-----------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------|
Outro: (repeat 6x, and fade out on 6th time) Am F C G Ah, bah, da, da, bah, da, rah, da, da, rah, da, da, bah, bah Am F C G Ah, bah, da, da, bah, da, rah, da, da, rah, da, da, bah, bah F Rah, da, bah, bum
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