Rednex - Wish You Were Here tab

			Rednex - Wish You Were Here

  The guitar company included here are nothing but one possible form of accomanying the song with the 
You may change them to your liking.

Intro - Played 2X

Em Ge-------------0---------------0----|h-------0-----0---------3-----3----|g-------0---0---0-------0----------|D-----2---------------0-----0---0--|A----------------------------------|E-0---------------3----------------|
Verse (the chords are played fluent, I've only scattered them because of the text below) Em Em C D G H7e-----0--------------0--------------0-----------------2--------------3-------------------2------|h--------0--------------0--------------1-----------------3-----------3--3----------------0--0---|g----0----0---------0----0---------0----0------------2----2---------0----0--------------2----2--|D----------2--------------2--------------2--------0--------0--------------0-------------------1-|A-------------------------------3----------------------------------------------------2----------|E-0---------------0----------------------------------------------3------------------------------| Wish you were here, Me oh my country man Wish you were here, Don't you know the stove is getting colder And I miss you like hell
H7 Em (slower part) C De--------2-----2---0-----0-----3---2---0-------0-----0-----2-----2----|h------0-0---0-0---0-----0-----------------0---1-----1-----3-----3----|g----2-----2-----2----0-----0---------------------2-----2-----2-----2-|D----------------------------------------------------------0----------|A-2--------------------------------------------3-----3----------------|E------------------0--------------------------------------------------| And I'm feeling blue
Em ? ?e-0-----0----------------------------|h-0-----0-----5-----5-----4-----4----|g----0-----0--4-----4-----4-----4----|D----------------4-----4-----4-----4-|A------------------------------------|E-0----------------------------------|
(Repeat the whole with the same verse, then continue from now on in this last form of guitar company i.e:
Em C D G H7e-0-----0-----0-----0------0-----0-----2-----2----------------3-------------2--------|h-0-----0-----0-----0------1-----1-----3-----3----------------0--0----------0-0------|g----0-----0-----0-----0------0-----0-----2-----2-----------0------0------2-----2----|D--------------------------------------0-----------------------------0------------1--|A--------------------------3-------------------------------------------2-------------|E-0------------------------------------------------------3---------------------------| Wish you were here me oh my country man wish you were here... )
[E]I've got feelings for [Am]you babe[D]Do you still feel the [G]same [H7][E]From the first time I [Am]laid my eyes on you[D]I felt joy of livingI saw [G]heaven in your [H7]eyes in your [Em]eyes e--3---2---0-------| h--------------0---|[Em]Wish you were hereMe oh [C]my country[D]manWish you were [G]here [H7]
[Em]Wish you were here Don't you [C]know the stove is [D]getting colder [G]And I wish you like [H7]hell And I'm feeling [Em]blue [Am]I miss your laugh I miss your smile I miss [Em]everything about you [Am]Every seconds like a minute Every [H7]minute like a day When you're far a[Em]way
[Am]Wish you were here E7 Am7The [F]stove is getting [G]colder baby e-0- e-0-|[C]I wish you were [Em]here h-0- h-1-| g-0- g-0-|[Am]Wish you were here D-2- D-2-|A [F]battlefield of [G]love and fear A-2- A-0-|[C] And I wish you were [Em]here E-0- E-0-|
[C]I've got [E7]feelings for [Am]you babe [Am7] [F]From the [G]first time I [Am]laid my eyes on you [Em]Wish you were here Me oh [C]my country [D]man Wish you were [G]here [H7] [Em]Wish you were here Don't you [C]know the stove is [D]getting colder [G]And I wish you like [H7]hell And I'm feeling [Em]blue End Chord: Em
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