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From: (cal woods)
Subject: CRD: Cremation : Lou Reed

Cremation : Lou Reed : Magic and Loss

A really great simple tune from my best album of 91, (and 92, 93 and 94!)
You can strum or arpegginate the chords.

main riff: (which isn't quite right at the end)e--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------3--------------------------|G-2--2-----2--4--2---------------------------------------------0--0--2--4--|D-------------------4---2--2-----2--4--2--0--0--------0--2--4--------------|
G D A G Well the cold black sea, waits for me me me G D A The cold black sea waits forever G D A G The waves hit the shore crying more more more G D A The cold black sea waits forever The tornadoes come up the coast they run Hurricanes rip the sky forever Though the weather's changed the sea remains the same The cold black sea waits forever There are ashes spilt to collective guilt People rest at sea forever Since they burned you up, collect you in a cup For you the cold black sea has no terror Will your ashes float like some foreign boat Or will they sink absorbed forever Will the Atlantic coast have its final boast Nothing else contained you ever Now the cold black sea waits for me me me The cold black sea waits forever When I leave this joint, at some further point The same cold black sea will it be waiting? cheers :-) cal trinity college dublin
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