Reef – Naked tab

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Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 21:11:59 GMT
From: (Paul Mcilreavy)


Reef are a uk band. This is the song 'Naked' taken from their debut album -
'Replenish'. It was also used by Sony in their (skyscrapers +
skateboarders) minidisc advert.

The song is basically one riff repeated over and over, so i haven't
bothered to write out all the repititions - i've just given the main riff!
- nb:- dropped 'D' tuning is used throughout!

Main Riff:-

- that's the main riff, it's repeated over until the middle-chorusy bit! Chorus:-
Notes on the solo:- (1) the solo is played with tremolo and Wah throughout (2) i've written etc 'cos i'm not sure what he plays here, so just improv using the bend patterns shown before the etc! (3) the last part is a rapid succession of bends and pull off's, finishing on one finger over E,B,G at fret 10. Here are the words:- Sing with me. That is where i'm at. Hoot with me. I'd get into that. If you know where i'm at, i would get a kick from that. Muddy face, bloody hand - Naked we dance on our clothes CHORUS So will you come with me? I'll take you away. Spin with me, that is what a feel. Open your arms. Release from within. If you know where i'm at, i would get a kick from that. Come the dark, light a fire - in the rain we raise our heads. CHOURS So will you come with me? I'll blow you away. -------- This is one of my favorite riffs of all time. If you don't know it, then e-mail me and i could send you a sound sample of it!! - e-mail me with any comments or if you'd like anymore Reef songs!! Paul Mcilreavy ( --------------------
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