Refreshments - Banditos chords version 1

ESo just how far down do you want to go
DWe could talk it out over a cup of joe
A Eand you could look deep into my eyes like I was a supermodel, uh huh
E(bar) D(bar) A E
EWell it's you and me baby, no-one else we can trust
DDon't say nothing to no-one, no-how or we're bust
A Eand never crack a smile, or flinch, or cry for nobody, uh huh
E E7Well give your I.D. card to the border gaurd
AYeah your alias says you're Captain Jean-Luc Picard
E Bof the United Federation of Planets cause he won't speak English anyway
A B A(bar) C#mCause everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people
A B E A E A E A E ASo meet me at the mission at midnight, we ll divvy up there
A B A(bar) C#mEverybody knows that the world is full of stupid people
A BYeah I got the pistols so I'll keep the pesos
Eyeah and that seems fair
E D A(bar) E
ESo put the sugar in the tank of the sheriffs car
DAnd slash the deputys tires so they won't get very far
A EWhen they finally get the word that there's been a hold-up, uh huh
(to CHORUS) (to SOLO – E D A E - E(bar) D(bar) A E) (to CHORUS)
D A E…that seems fair, that seems fair, well that seems fai-ee-ai-ee-ai-ee-air
OUTRO: E D A E - E(bar) D(bar) A E
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