Reindeer Section – Deviance tab

Really beautiful song by RS. Gary plays the Dm and C open, and the Bb on the E form barred (at the 8th fret).

Only strum the Bb chord once.


Dm   C        Bb
I'll tear the house down

Dm    C       Bb
brave all the fire trials

Dm  C      Bb
eat my own heart out

Dm   C     Bb
feed wiser mortals

C           G    F   
I'll eat my body away

C         G         F
concoct a reason to stay

C            G             F
I'll wear my disgust on my sleeve

C          G         F
find a new reason to leave

Verse 2;
I'm tame now darling
you've pulled my heart out
with all the mental
whispers and lying

Chorus 2;
You turned me round on myself
I can't tell who I should fight
a day will come and we'll know
who was right all along
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