Rejig – Let Me chords


By: Judei

Verse 1 :

C#m B AEverytime I see
C#m B AThose memories in me
C#m B ASadness comes inside me
C#m B A‘Cause you’re not here with me
Verse 2 :
C#m B AWishing for you each day
C#m B ATo guide you day by day
C#m B ATo filled those sadness
C#m B AIll do anything for you
E BLet me speak everything to you
E ALet me show how I care for you
C#m BLet me bring back those times
A - *Repeat introWhen we feel the same way
Verse 3:
C#m B AI feel sorry for my self
C#m B A‘Cause we separate our ways
C#m B ABut you still gave joy to me
C#m B AThat grows everyday
(Repeat Chorus Except last word) (Repeat chorus) (Repeat intro) *End
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