Falling Out tab with lyrics by Relient K - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Relient K – Falling Out tab

G		   D			Em
I'm falling out of grace with the world
		  C			G
They say I've lost my midas touch
		     D			   G
What turned to gold now turns to rust
		  D			  Em
I'm falling out of line with all the stars
		   G			  C		 D
That flood my dreams with their guitars and magazines

Em		    G                 C		     	        D
Face down this carpet tastes like coffee grounds
Ground into my face now
G		    C           D		         G	 C	            D    C
And every angle's covered with just another (band-aid)

G			  D		                Em
I'm falling out of style with the current way things are
		             C			             D
The things that make conforming hard
G		          D			            Em
I'm falling out of control and you just can't stop me now
		    C		            D
I'll fight as long as time allows


G		        D
I'm out here way beyond
Em		   C
A shadow of a doubt
Em		      C	        G       C	      D		   G
And i know i'm never falling out of favor with you [x2]

G		 `    Em		         D
I won't think twice or even three times
	     G	            D		          Em
About taking a gamble with you
		            G			              D
Cause with my life you have been so kind
  G		       D		        Em
I take all my comfort from you

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