Rem – Burning Hell tab


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(A) ------------   A chord  ------------    A chord
(E) -0-0-h-3-p-0-           -0-0-h-3-p-0-
(A) ------------0-0-2-3-2-0- B chord(E) -0-0-h-3-p-0------------
{play riff} Women got legs, men got pants I got the picnic, you got the ants Put it in the fire heaven knows Take my torch and touch your toes in hell It's a burning hell C B A You can burn in Hell C B A It's a burning hell C B A You can burn in hell C B { go back to riff} It's a burning hell {same as before} Women don't fret, boys don't bet Let me see your silhouette in hell Women above me take my love Love, love, love, love, love, love, love {same as before} It's a burning hell It's a burning hell Baby, baby, baby, I'm hell It's a burning hell {The break/solo follows the chords: A B C D } Girl stop moving, boy behave Baby, I'll put you in an early grave in hell Love on the ceiling, love on the floor I'm gonna leave you burning for more Burn in the country, burn downtown All the best people are burning down in hell, hell, hell It's a burning Hell You'll burn in hell It's a big, burning, giant, colossal matter Hell Oh baby, I'm hell Burn, Burn, Burn!
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