Rem – Leave tab

Leave - R.E.M.
Album: New Adventures in Hi-Fi
Released: 1996

I think that´s how they actually play it. There are two electric guitars. Guitar one 
chords and guitar 2 plays riff and strums chords as usual.
Guitar 2 uses e-bow.
Strum = hit once and let ring
I use high gain, high reverb, high chorus and high tone to play with the album.

Intro1(Intro Riff)e--------------------|------------------------| playB--------------------|--------------------| 3-|G--------------------|------------------------| timesD----------4s6--3----|----------4s6-3---------| andA----1-3-4-----------|----1-3-4---------------| thenE--------------------|------------------------| go on to
Verse(Main Riff)e--------------------|--------------------|B-----------7s9--6---|---------7s9--6h7p6-|G---2s3-5-6----------|-2s3-5-6------------|D--------------------|--------------------|A--------------------|--------------------|E--------------------|--------------------|
Intro2 Guitar 1 (strum): A#m|F#|G#|A#m|A#m|F#|G#|A#m| --> go on to verse Guitar 2 : play main riff --> go on to verse Verse (both guitars strum chords) A#m F# Nothing could bring me closer. G# G# A#mG#A#m <-- hit G# once Nothing could bring me near. F# Where is the road I follow G# A#m To leave, leave? A#m F# It's Under, under, under my feet G# G# A#mG#A#m <-- hit G# once The sea spread out there before me. F# Where do I go when the land touches sea. G# A#m There is my trust in what I believe. Chorus (both guitars strum chords) C# That's what keeps me, A#m That's what keeps me, C# G# That's what keeps me down. C# A#m G# To leave it, believe it, F#5F5F#5 <-- hit F5 once Leave it all behind. (guitar 1 strums chords,guitar 2 plays main riff) Shifting the dream. Nothing could bring me further from my old friend time. Shifting the dream. It's charging the scene. I know where I marked the signs. (both guitars strum chords) I Suffer the dreams of a world gone mad. I like it like that and I know it. I know it well, ugly and sweet That temper madness with an even extreme. (both guitars strum chords) That's what keeps me That's what keeps me That's what keeps me down I say that I´m a bantam lightweight I say that I´m a phantom airplane That never left the ground. That's what keeps me, that's what keeps me, that's what keeps me down, to leave it, believe it, leave it all behind. (bass only) Lift me, lift me, I'll attain my dream. I lost myself, I lost the, Heartache calling me. (only guitar 2 strumming chords) I lost myself in sorrow. I lost myself in pain. I lost myself in clarity. Memory, leave, leave, leave. (both guitars strum chords) That's what keeps me, That's what keeps me, That's what keeps me down, To leave it, believe it, Leave it all behind. That's what keeps me, That's what keeps me, That's what keeps me down, To leave it, believe it, Leave it all behind. (both guitars strum chords) Lift my hands, my eyes are still I´ll walk into the sea Shoot myself in a different place And leave it. (guitar1 strums, guitar 2 picks power chords, haven´t figured out yet) I´ve longed for this to take me, I´ve longed for my release. I´ve waited for the calling, To leave, leave
(guitar 2 plays this at the end)e---------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------|G---------------------------------------|D--------4s6-3---------------4s6-3h4p3--|A--1-3-4-------------0h1-3-4------------|E---------------------------------------|
Leave, leave, leave, leave Leavin', Leavin' End: A#m|F#|G#|A#m|A#m|F#|G#|A#m <-- strum and let ring Chords used
A#m F# G# C# F5e---6---2---4---9----X---|B---6---2---4---9----X---|G---6---3---5---10---X---|D---8---4---6---11---3---|A---8---4---6---11---3---|E---6---2---4---9----1---|
Maybe you can´t understand me, but excuse me, I´m German ... Text from: Please rate and leave comments, it´s my first tab ... ---- Great song!! R.E.M. 4 ever!! Tabbed by germanwing
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