Rem - Crush With Eyeliner tab


A   G    D   A   G          D
I know you.  I know you've seen her.

A   G    D            A   G          D
She's  a sad tomato.  She's three miles of bad road.

A   G    D                A   G          D
Walkin' down the street.  Will I never meet her?

A   G    D                 A   G          D
She's a real woman-child.  Oh, my kiss, breath, turpentine.




E   D    G   A    E   D    G        E   D    G   A    G(Hold)
I am smitten.     I'm the real thing
                              (I'm the real thing).
                                       Have you seen her come around?
                                                         [My crush with


G        E

these are the lyrics the second time through

I'm in like.
I'm in-fatuated.
It's all too much - the pressure
She's all that I can take.
What position should I wear?
or cop an attitude? - Faker
How can I convince her - faker -that
I'm inventive, too?  Yeah.

I am smitten
I'm the real thing (I'm the real thing)
We all invent ourselves and,
[uh, you know me]
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