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From: Steve-o Bananafish

Tuning: DADGBE (that's dropped D)
[Note: The solo guitar line is marked as being tuned EADGBE.  It's a different
guitar.  It doesn't really matter, however: since the solo line doesn't go
down to the 6th string, you can play both parts on the same guitar without
chords used: Em (222000), D (000232), G (550003), Bm (x44322)

Em - - -/Em - - -/Em - - -/

G        -      -    -/
Who will stand alone?

D     -          -   -/D   -         -    -/
. She carried ribbons, she wore them out
D       -  -/
Courage built a bridge, . jealous tore it down
D      -          -     -/Em        -      G    -/
. At least it's something .  you've left behind
D  -      -   - / D  -         -   -/
. Like Kohoutek,  . you were gone

Em     -      -   Bm/ Em
We sat in the garden, we stood on the porch
Em  -     -    Bm  / G    -      -   -/ D - - -/
I won't deny myself, . we never talked

She wore bangles, she wore bells
On her toes and she jumped like a fish
Like a flyin' friend, you were gone
Like Kohoutek, can't forget that

Fever built a bridge, reason tore it down
If I am one to follow... [solo guitar enters]

who will stand alone?e(1)|----5---3---2---|3---2---0-------|----------------|------3---2-0---|B(2)|--3---3---3---3-|--3---3---3-0---|3b5b3-----3-0---|--3-----------2-|G(3)|4---------------|--------------2-|------2-------2/|4---------------|D(4)|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|A(5)|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|E(6)|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
Maybe you're not the problem scissors, paper, stone If you stand and holler, these prayers will talk She carried ribbons, she wore them out Michael built a bridge...Michael tore it down At least it's something you've left behind ek, you were gone Michael built a bridge... Michael tore it down If I stand and holler... will I stand alone?
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