Rem – Orange Crush tab

Orange Crush
As recorded by REM
From the album "Green"

This is my first tab. The riff is a bit tricky to figure out. On the CD it's played on a 
guitar (I think, anyway, because Peter Buck's main guitar is a Rickenbacker 360-12) so 
registers are a bit strange.

This is a rather easy song, especially the solo.

There aren't many special marks here-the only one I've included is a natural harmonic 
is, say, [12]-there's a bracket around the number. Oh, and the entire lead part is played 
the high E, B, G and D strings, so I only tabbed those strings, and they're

Okay, the tab:

The beginning sounds like a violin, but if you're only playing guitar it's like:e|-0-0-0-0-| Play this 4xB|-5-5-5-5-|G|-4-4-4-4-|D|---------|
Then the main riff. You play this from the beginning of the song up until "Comin' in me..."e|-0-0---0-0------0---0---0-0-----0---------------------0---------|B|-----0--------0---0---0-------0---0------0--------3-------3-----|G|-------------------------------------0-------0--2---2---2---2---|D|----------------------------------------------------------------|
Play the above riff twice before the lyrics come in and 4x after. Then the chorus, instrumental the first time, then with vocals later. Play this twice:e|-0----0-0-------0-----------------------|B|----------4-----------2-2---2---2--4----|G|-------------4-----4--------------------|D|----------------------------------------|
After the first chorus, revert to the main riff and play the verse again. After the chorus, there's a bass solo, and then the guitar solo:e|---------[12]---------------------------------------------------|B|---[12]----------------[12]-------------[7]---------------------|G|------------------[12]------[12]--------------------------------|D|------------------------------------[7]------[7]----------------|
Play that twice. The rhythm is pretty much impossible to figure out unless you've to the song. Then you play the intro again. Then the verse, then the chorus, and then the intro again. So it goes: Intro Verse Instrumental chorus Verse Chorus Bass solo Guitar solo Intro Verse Chorus Intro. Any complaining remarks should be posted, as should any accuracy checks.
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