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ROTARY ELEVEN (B-side to "Losing My Religion")

This has sort of a "swing feel"--it's in 12/8.  I'm going to transcribe it in
4/4 because I feel like it.  If you have no idea what I mean, listen to the

Stupid Notational Things:
\_/ = tie               h   = hammer-on
X   = tenth fret        p   = pull-off
E   = eleventh fret     s/  = slide up
T   = twelfth fret
                        _________________  _______________
e(1)                    |1st, 2nd times    |3rd time
B(2)                    |                  |
G(3) || ----------------|--2-3----------- ||--2-3-----3-5---|--5-7-----7-9-D(4) ||.------2-1---2p1h|2-----3---------.||2-----3-------5-|5-----7-------9-A(5) ||.----2-----------|----------------.|| \_/ \_E(6) || 0-3-------------|---------------- ||
e| ||B| ||.------------X---|8---------------|G|----9---------7-||.9---------------|--------------7-|9-X-9-----------|D|9-------7-9-X---|| | |------8---------|A|/ \__________E|
e| | |------------8---:7----------------|B| |------------X---|8---------------|\________________G|--------------7-|9---------------|D|8-------7-9-X---|A|/E|
e|7-----------8---|T-X-T-----------|B|/ |------T-----E-T-|E---------------|G| |--T-----E-8-----|9----------------|D| |------9----------|A| \__________E|
e| |------s/5-3-----|B| |------------5-3-|G| |3---2---0-------|----------------|D|9-------------2-|1---------------|------------2-0-|2---------------|A|/ ----2---|E|--------0-3-----|
_____________________ |repeat a few times to the repeat abovee|B|5--------------- ||G|--------------7-.||D|--------7-9-X---.||A|---------------- ||E|
_________________ _________________ |finally... |1st, 2nd, 3rde|| ----------------| |------s/5-3----- ||B|| 5---------------| |------------5-3-.||G||.----------------| |3---2---0-------|----------------.||D||.--------------2-|1---------------|------------2-0-|2--------------- ||A|| ------------2---|E|| --------0-3-----|
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