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SPONGE (Vic Chesnutt) from Sweet Relief II   (Last Updated:  8/23/96)

From: Trygve Sandven H?land (

I bought the "Sweet Relief II" album just the other day, and I have just
listened to it a couple of times, but I tried playing along to Sponge,
and it sounded like they played something like Dm Bb for the verses and
Dm F for the chorus (or vice versa). The Dm's may also have been Dsus2
(that is x00230).

pleasure is melting like chocolate
my blue ribbon gumption is gone
all my gravy must have soaked into something
and the world...
the filthy steps, the cold concrete
the phony earth below my feet
the ancient odor of the streets
yes the world it is a sponge
and when the crisis passes
when the coast is clear
I'll be buffed down to a liquid
and the world it is a sponge
throughout this entire ugly outing
I've been mumbling the convex of what I should be shouting
but I'll soon be silent you'll soon hear nothing
'cause the world it is a sponge
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