Renaissance – Black Flame tab

Renaissance - Black Flame 

Intro & Verses

Dm Ge|--------5---------|------------------------|B|----5-----6-5-6--*|---------0-10----------*|G|------7-----------|------12------12----12--|D|--7---------------|---10------------10-----|A|5----------------*|10---------------------*|E|------------------|------------------------|
Bmaj7 Ame|------------------|----------8-----------|B|--------6---------|-----9------9----9----|G|----7-----7---7---|-------10-----10------|D|------8-----8-----|--10------------------|A|--8---------------|8---------------------|E|6-----------------|----------------------|
Verse 1: Dm G I am words, I am speaking Dm G I never heard my conclusion Bbmaj7 Am Bbmaj7 Am Lost the way in my confusion, in illusion Bbmaj7 Am Dm Lost inside the picture frame Chorus: G Dm C I'm not to blame, I didn't see the black flame Dm G Dm C I'm not ashamed, its poetry, the black flame Dm G Dm C I'm rearranged, it's changing me, the black flame Bb C Dm G Dm G Burns my blackened brain Verse 2: I am strong, I am leaving I never knew I'd feel the need so Where to go, I'll turn the flow, I could not know Screams inside the burning pain Chorus: It's spinning head, it's under hand, the black flame It lies instead, I turned and I ran, the black flame On me it fed, I understand, the black flame Burns my blackened brain Middle-8: G A Run from me, don't you see G A That we are one and I'm a part of you G A Get away, any way G A I'm still a secret in the heart of you C G And I'm the burning in your soul Verse 3: Now I'm weak, I am losing I never thought I'd stop trying I'm a lie, I'm just a sigh, just a crying Just a symbol of the game Chorus: Suspended pain, I can not face the black flame Intended fear, I can not trace the black flame Extended reaching into space, the black flame Burns my blackened brain
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