Life Is Hard chords with lyrics by Renee Zellweger - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Renee Zellweger – Life Is Hard chords

By Renee Zellweger
From the movie "My Own Love Song"
+This is a more harmonious version of the original by Bob Dylan.
:Life is hard without you, Jeannie.

B Bb7 Ebm Eb7 Abm C# F# Abm

C# The evening winds are still
C7 F Bbm7 I've lost the way and will
Abm7 can't tell you where they went
Bbm7I just know what they meant
Eb I'm always on my guard
Abm Admitting life is - hard
C#6 F#Without you near me
Abm C#m Ab7The friend you used to be
F Bbm7 so near and dear to me
Eb7 Ab you slipped so far away
C#m6 Bbmwhere did we go astray
EbI passed the old school yard
Bbm7 Abmadmitting life is - hard
C#6 F# without - you near me
B Bb7 Ever since the day
Ebm Eb7 the day you went away
Abm C#6 Well I felt that emptiness
F# so wide
B Bbm7 I don't know what's wrong or right
Ebm Ebm7 AbmBut I know I need strength to fight
Bbm7strength to fight that world - outside
Abm C#m CSince we've been out of touch
Ebm F I haven't felt that much
Bbm Eb7 AbFrom day to barren day
C#m Bbm My heart stays locked away
Eb Bbm7I walk the boulevard
Abmadmitting life is - hard
C#6 F#7 without - you near me
Abm C#mThe sun is sinkin low
C7 F7 Bb7 I guess it's time to go
Eb7 Abm I feel a chilly breeze
C#6 Bb7 In place of - memories
Eb Bbm7 My dreams are locked and barred
Bbm7 Abm C#admitting life is – ha-rd
F#7without - you near me
B Bb7 Ebm Eb7 Abm Mmm mmm mmm
C# F# without - you near me
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