Rent – Out Tonight chords

I think these chords are pretty accurate.

-Capo in the third fret

Intro: G, C (x4)

G CWhats the time?
G CWell it's gotta be close to midnight
G CMy body's talking to me
G CIt say,'Time for danger'
G CIt says 'I wanna commit a crime
G CWanna be the cause of a fight
G CWanna put on a tight skirt and flirt
G CWith a stranger
Em CI've had a knack from way back
G DAt breaking the rules once I learn the game
EmGet-up life's too quick
CI know someplace sick
G DWhere this chick'll dance it the rain
Em CWe don't need any money
Em CI always get in for free
Em CYou can get in too
DIf you get in with me
C D GLet's go out tonight
C D GI have to go out tonight
CYou wanna play?
DLet's run away
GWe wont be back
CBefore it's New Years Day
D GTake me out tonight (meow... HA!)
G, C (x2)
Em CWhen I get a wink from the doorman
Em CDo you know how lucky you'll be?
Em CThat your on line with the feline
DOf avenue B
C D GLet's go out tonight
C D GI have to go out tonight
C You wanna prowl
DBe my night owl?
GWell take my hand we're gonna
C D Ghowl out tonight
C DIn the evening I've got to roam
G EmCan't sleep in the city of neon and chrome
C DFeels to damn much like home
EmWhen the spanish babies cry
C DSo let's find a bar
G EmSo dark we forget who we are
CWhen all the scars from
DThe nevers and maybes die
C D GLet's go out tonight (uh-huh)
C D GI have to go nananout tonight
CYou're sweet
DWanna hit the street?
G EmWanna wail at the moon like a cat in heat?
C D GJust take me out tonight
(---Silent---) C D G Please take me out tonight (---Silent---) C D G Don't forsake me - out tonight (---Silent---) C D G I'll let you make me - out tonight
G G GTonight - tonight - tonight
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