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       |    Reset - Go Away     |

Good song. There was no five-star tab so I thought I would try to make one.

If I ever went to a Simple Plan concert and met Pierre Bouvier I would get him 
to sign my Reset CD xD.

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Tabbed by: ultimatelefty

Standard Tuning (eBGDAE)

Bass Intro:

e|--------------|B|--------------|G|--------------|D|--------------|A|-3333----6666-|E|------44------|x4 (pickslide on 4th time)
Play this on guitar at the parts with the drumming during the bass intro:
Main Riff:
e|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|-55-5555-----------------33-3333-|D|-55-5555-66-6666-33-3333-33-3333-|A|-33-3333-66-6666-33-3333-11-1111-|E|---------44-4444-11-1111---------| PM .... .... .... ....
Well Thats all of the song parts. Now here's the order that you play them in :) Bass Intro:x4(pickslide on 4th time) Main Riff: x2 Verse 1: x2 Main Riff: x2 Verse 2: x2 Main Riff: x2 Chorus: x4 Main Riff: x2(This time end on the xx553 chord then do a pickslide) Breakdown: x1 Main Riff: x2 Verse 3: x2 Main Riff: x2 Chorus: x4 Main Riff: x2 And for a little bonus heres the lyrics ;) Won't you understand that we don't give a shit what you demand your values never meant anything to us we don't give a shit petitions signed, parents standing in a line just to stop their kids who wanna hear what we have to say when you were a little younger your dream was to become a rocker now it seems that it's what you hate I never will go to hell it's what my friends want me to tell what you do is what I hate I hate you [Chorus] Go away, I don't want you on my tape Go away, I don't want you in my face Go Away, I don't want you on My tape fuck the pmrc tipper won't you understand the message that I want to say it's kind of rude but here it goes it's fuck you I don't like what you do and I don't like you [Chorus] Go away, I don't want you on my tape Go away, I don't want you in my face Go Away, I don't want you on My tape ********************************************************************************************* PM: Palm Mute(the dots indicate what notes are to me plam muted) *********************************************************************************************
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