Reuben Morgan – Alive In Us chords

Alive in Us  
Reuben Morgan & Jason Ingram 


Intro:  A  E  C#m  A

Verse 1:
EGreat is Your love
C#m BLet the whole earth see, let the whole earth see
EAnd You reached for us
C#m B From on heaven's throne when we had no hope
Pre-Chorus 1:
A C#m BYou are the way, there is no other
A C#m BYou are the way, there is no other
A E C#m BYou rose from death to victory
A E C#m BYou reign in life, oh majesty
E A C#m BYour name be high and lifted up
E A C#m BJesus, Jesus alive in us
Verse 2: You outshine the sun You are glorious, You are glorious And Lord over all You have made us new, we owe it all to You Pre-Chorus 2: In everything, be exalted In everything, be exalted Bridge:
A EThe enemy is under Your feet
C#m BWe are free, we are free
A EDeath has been defeated by love
C#m B You overcome, You overcome
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