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Revis – Wasting My Time tab

Wasting My Time
tabbed by Kathryn Ann F. Bacani

Have fun, and good luck! Wag kayong magalit ha pag
may mali or pag naccn2nado..
Gawa-gawa ko lang kc to e! c;

(use lower chords)

my advice:
-It would be better if you play with the song first,
so you get the strumming patterns.
-Use your thumb on the 3 upper strings, and your index, middle,
and ring fingers (consecutively) on the 3 lower strings.

•intro: (second guitar plays this throughout the song only in verses)

•verse: (first guitar) I don't want to see you waiting
E--^0--^0-| (8x)A--^3--^3-|D--^2--^0-|G--^0--^0-|B--^0--^2-|E--^3--^3-|
chorus: (first guitar) Well this is not for real (G) I'm wasting my time (Bm7) ...again (A) [there is a part in A that is sustained]
G Bm7 AE--^3--^2-| E--^0-|A--^3--^3-| A--^2-|D--^0--^2-| D--^2-|G--^0--^4-| G--^2-|B--^2--^2-| B--^0-|E--^3---x-| E---x-|
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