Rhett And Link – Colonics Commercial chords

This song works best tuned down a whole step,
and since my guitar was tuned to that anyways,
that is the version I have submitted...I`ll throw
up another version soon with a capo if people are
interested.  Thanks for checking it out!
Tuned one whole step down:

C GAre you feeling lethargic
Am F FmHave you considered a cleansing Colonic?
C Am7We all get clogged up now and again
F GIt's time to take a trip to the fountain.
DFountain of Health
Du Du Do Do Ru
CFountain of Health
Du Du Do Do Ru
G C DSpread those cheeks and get your colon clean
______________ This is just a rough version for the guitar, there are lots of other changes going on since it`s piano, but it can sound as close to the original song to make your friends laugh! Thanks for checking out my chords!
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