Rhett Miller – Question chords

Question by Rhett Miller
Tabbed by Wayne Dipper (wdipper@gmail.com)

Intro: C  G  Am / /  F  G   C   G

[Verse 1]

C G AmShe woke from a dream
FHer head was on fire
GWhy was he so nervous
C G AmHe took her to the park
FShe crossed her arms and
Glowered her eye lids
C G Am FSomeday somebody's gonna ask you
C G AmA question that you should say yes to
Am Fonce in your life
Am FMaybe tonight
G CI've got a question for you
C G AmShe'd had no idea
Fstarted to cry
Gshe said in a good way
C G Amhe took her by the hand
FHe walked her back home
Gthey took the long way
[Repeat Chorus]
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