Rhett Miller – Question chords ver. 2

many people love this song, just like I do. I guess most of us know it from epic Scrubs.
I never really liked the tabs around here, I tried to fiddle around with DropD and
tuning my b-string to c etc. but it never sounded like the original. Now I finally 
figured it out. I need to get this perfect because I want to propose to my girlfriend with this
song :) She loves it.

I guess we were all put off by thinking the song starts on a C, which is does in terms
of the note, but not in terms of the chord-"shape" you play. Also, there is the nice (and
very common) step down to the C/B chord and the Am that just makes us not doubt for a 
second that these as starting chords.

Yet, he must tune his guitar a whole step down so that the "Wonderwall"-Em-chord 022033
becomes his low D chord. The rest goes like this, and I think it sounds absolutely like
the original. Everything falls into place, suddenly the nice little steps up and down 
work easily.

Note that the tuning is half step down but chord names are relative to normal tuning.

D Dmaj7/C# Dmaj7/B Dadd4/A G Dadd4/F# Em7 A C Bm Intro: D | Dmaj7/C# | Dmaj7/B | play steps on 5th string, notes: A A B A G | Dadd4/F# | Em7 | play steps on 5th string, notes: A A B C# Verse 1:
D Dmaj7/C# Dmaj7/BShe woke from a dream
Dadd4/A GHer head was on fire
Dadd4/F# Em7 A (include steps on 5th string, notes: A A B C#)Why was he so nervous?
D Dmaj7/C# Dmaj7/BHe took her to the park
Dadd4/A GShe crossed her arms and
Dadd4/F# Em7 A (include steps on 5th string, notes: A A B A)lowered her eye lids
Chorus 1:
G A D CSomeday somebody's gonna ask you
G A DA question that you should say yes to
C Gonce in your life
Bm GMaybe tonight
A (include steps on 5th string, notes: A A B C#)I've got a question for you
Intro Verse 2: She'd had no idea started to cry she said in a good way he took her by the hand walked her back home they took the long way Chorus 2: someday somebody's gonna ask you (here, after C chord, include step from the E on 4th string to G on open 3rd) a question that you should say yes to once in your life maybe tonight I've got a question for you Intro I've got a question for you
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