Give Me A Chance chords with lyrics by Ric Segreto - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ric Segreto – Give Me A Chance chords

 Intro: F-C(/E)-Eb-Dm-Gm-Gm(/F)-

F C(/E) Eb I need you, is all that I can say
D7 Gm But deep inside of me, you know
Gm(/F) C(/E) Eb I want you more each day
Dm Dm+M7 Dm7 Dm6 Time won't let me have the chance
BbM7 Bdim7 A C7sus-C7 So I've got to see you even in a glance
F C(/E) Eb I know it's hard for you to see
D7 Gm Gm(/F)-C(/E)-Eb Exactly how much you mean to me
Dm Dm+M7 Since it's just a one-way street
Dm7 Dm6 BbM7-F(/A) And I'm the only one who's on it
Gm7 A7sus A7 (interlude) No one knows the way but me
Interlude: D-D(/C)-G(/B)-Gm(/Bb)-A7(sus)-A7(sus),A7 Chorus
D E(/D) I love you, can't you hear me?
C#m7 F#m7 Oh can't you please see through me
Bm7 E7 A Em7(/A),A7 Oh babe, I need your love so badly
D E(/D) It's no lie so please believe me
C#7(sus) C#7 F#m7 In my heart you'll see the real me
Bm7 E7(sus) (Interlude) You just gotta give me a chance.
Interlude: A7(sus)-A7-D(/A)-Ab7(sus)-B7(sus)-C7(sus)
F C(/E) Eb But since I got that off my chest
D7 Gm All I need to let you know
Gm(/F) C(/E) Eb Is I really did my best
Dm Dm+M7 Dm7 To keep this feeling inside
Dm6 BbM7-F(/A) But there's just no place to hide
Gm7 A7(sus) A7 (Interlude) So please be my love
Interlude: D-D(/C)-G(/B)-Gm(/Bb)-A7(sus)-A7(sus),A7 (Repeat Chorus except last word)
A G(/A) ... chance
D(/A)-F(/A) Give me a chance
G(/A) A Give me a chance
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