Ric Segreto – Dont Know What To Say Dont Know What To Do chords

Ric Segreto - Don't Know What To Say (Don't Know What To Do)
Transcribed by Zdenek Kunicky (zdenekkunicky@seznam.cz)

Intro: | Dsus2 Dsus2/G | (4x)

Verse 1:
Dsus2 Dsus2/G Dsus2 I have loved you only in my mind
Dsus2/G C#m7But I know that there will come a time
Dsus2 Gsus2 G6sus2 Gsus2To feel this feeling I have inside
Dsus2 Dsus2/G Dsus2You're a hopeless romantic is what they say
Dsus2/G C#m7Falling in and out of love just like a play
Dsus2 Gsus2 G6sus2 Gsus2Memorizing each line, I still don't know what to say
Gmaj7 A6What to say...
Gmaj7 A6 F#m7 Don't know what to do whenever you are near
Bm7 A6 Gmaj7Don't know what to say, my heart is floating in tears
A6 Bm A6When you pass by I could fly
Gmaj7 A6 F#m7Ev'ry minute, ev'ry second of the day
Bm7 A6 Gmaj7I dream of you in the most special way
A6 Bm Gsus2You're beside me all the time.. all the time...
Verse 2: I have loved you and I always will Call it crazy but I know someday you'll feel This feeling I have for you inside I'm a hopeless romantic I know I am Memorized all the lines and here I am Struggling for words I still don't know what to say What to say... Chorus 2: same as Chorus 1 End (repeat 3X):
Bm Gsus2 A6 BmAll the time.. All the time...
--------------------------------------------------------------------- Chords: Dsus2: XX0230 Gmaj7: XX5432 Dsus2/G: 3X0230 A6: X02222 C#m7: X42100 F#m7: X(0)4220 Gsus2: 300233 Bm7: X24232 G6sus2: 302033 Bm: X24432
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