Rich King – Freedom chords

I figured it out in a bit of a hurry, but I'm pretty sure it's accurate. I only 
wrote down a part of it, it reapeats. You'll get it.

Capo 4


G Oh I turned it off
DI turned my heart back to safety mode
G Today I'm not so strong
DNo I don't feel so brave at all
BmNow I'm looking through this book of poems
But you'll never convince me
AThat I'm the author of these words
EmMy exclamations
AThey're bending like question marks
GSo I'll carry on
DMaybe I'll live again
GAngels of light
DSpare me some grace
BmBring me power
ABring me water
EmBring me daylight
Could you bring me hope
BmBut most of all I
A Ask would
EmYou please
DBring back my freedom to me
G Fell in love with a pyromaniac You wouldn't know she was such a fire starter I took her down to my secret hiding place But she had no consideration for what was sacred I would've preferred if she just got a two by four And struck me to my knees Now her body Has taken shape into my mattress And when I turn over I fall back into her So I'll carry on Maybe I'll live again Angels of light Spare me some grace Bring me power Bring me water Bring me daylight Could you bring me hope But most of all I Ask would You please Bring back my freedom to me Bring me power Bring me water bring me daylight Bring me hope
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