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From: Phillip Charles Saunders 

Richard Thompson
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* (harm/art harm 12 fretshigher)-|--0---------0----3----0---------0-----0----------------------------|-|-------3-1---------3-------3-1--------1----------------------------|-|-------------------------------------------------------------------|-|-------------------------------------------------------------------|-|-------------------------------------------------------------------|-|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
G This is a strange affair C G C The time has come to travel but the road is filled with fear G This is a strange affair C G C My youth has all been wasted and I'm bent and grey with years F C G C And all my companions are taken away F C G C And who will provide for me against my dying day? F C Dm Am G I took my own provision but it threw me and wasted away C F G C This is a strange, this is a strange affair Oh, where are my companions? My mother, father, lover, friend and enemy Where are my companions? They're prisoners of death now and taken far from me And where are the dreams I dreamed in the days of my youth? They took me to illusion and they promised me the truth And what do sleepers need to make them listen, why do they need more proof This is a strange, this is a strange affair
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