Richard Thompson – Walking On A Wire tab

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From: (Julie Hayne)
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 1993 19:43:36

Walking on a Wire, Richard Thompson, from "Shoot Out the lights"


3--3--2--0----3---| Dsus4 Cadd93--3-------3--3---|0--0----------0---|0-----------------|2-----------------|3-----------------|
G D Em I hand you my ball and chain G D C You just hand me that Same old refrain G I'm walking on a wire D I'm walking on a wire Am G Dsus4 Cadd9 And I'm falling--- I wish I could please you tonight But my medicine just won't come right I'm walking on a wire I'm walking on a wire Am G And I'm falling--- D A Too many steps to take C#m G#m Too many spells to break Bm C# F#m Too many nights awake and no one else D A This grindstone's wearing me C#m G#m Your claws are tearing me C#m B Don't use me endlessly A Em Bm D A It's too long, Too long to myself Where's the justice, and where's the sense When all the pain's on my side of the fence I'm walking on a wire I'm walking on a wire And I'm falling---
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