Richard Thompson – Mr Rebound chords

Mr. Rebound 
BbMy sweetheart she bounced right out of my arms
C She was gone before I remembered to cling
BbDid I reach out too slowly to catch her
C GOr was she by nature a slippery thing
Dm Am Dm Am Dm Am C AmInto the arms of Mr Rebound, into the arms of clean up Joe
Dm Am Dm Am F Am DmInto the arms of Mr Rebound, Mr Rebound, as if I didn't know
He'll give her laughs and he'll give her dreams I gave her the kids and the pots and pans He'll do for the dash and he'll do for the sprint But he won't do for a marathon man Chorus I know for a fact that she ain't coming back To tell you the truth, I'm a little bit glad She may be blind with the things on her mind But how can she stand to touch something that bad Chorus by: José Duarte
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