Richie Havens – Just Like A Woman chords

Just Like a Woman - Richie Havens

Tuning DADF#AD

Sorry folks, but you will need to bar with your thumb to get some of these chords. 
I'm assuming if you really want to play Richie's version of this song you'll 
already know what I mean. Richie begins the song gently and plays more 
percussively from the start of the bridge. Where I have indicated to play either D 
run 1 or 2 I have gone for what Richie normally plays but he tends to vary things 
as he sees fit. If you are a fan of Richie's style of playing it is really worth 
persevering with this song as it contains just about all the chords and sequences 
in his repertoire and will prepare you for many of his, dare I suggest it, easier songs.


A      777777
A7     777775
A7sus  777555
Bsus   999XXX
Dmaj7  XXX344
E      222222
E?     XXX112
Em7    XXX122
F#M    444344
G      555555
Gmaj7  555554

D chord runs

Run 1 (bass)

Play the Open D chord (emphasising the bottom strings)
followed by:-

Run 2

Play the Open D chord (mostly on the top strings)
followed by:-


E?X 2
Verse 1 Nobody feels any pain Dmaj7 Gmaj7 A7 follow with D Run 1 Tonight as I stand inside the rain Gmaj7 A7sus4 A7 D Run 2 Everybody knows baby's got new clothes Gmaj7 A7 G A7 Late………… ly I see Bsus A Gmaj7 F#m Her ribbons and her bows A7sus4 A7 And her problems as they fall from her curls Bsus A7sus A7 Chorus And she takes just like a woman D D run 1 Gmaj7 And she makes love just like a woman D D run1 Gmaj7 And she aches just like a woman D Drun1 Gmaj7 But she breaks just like a little girl A7sus A7 D D run 2 followed by GMaj7 A7sus A7 D Verse 2 (slightly different start to first line) Oh Queen Mary she's my friend
D F#m Gmaj7And I believe I'm gonna see her again
Nobody's got to guess baby can't be blessed Till she finds out she's just like all the rest With her fog, her amphetamines and her pearls And she takes etc…... Bridge Additional chords Csus Bar bottom 4 fret 10 Dsus Bar bottom 4 fret 12 F 333333 F#7 444442 G 555555 It was raining from the first and I was dying there of thirst F#7 ………………. (squeeze this chord on and off ) So I came in here Dsus Csus Dsus Csus G F (descending run played faster) And this long time curse hurts but what's worse F#7 Is this pain in here I can't stay in here ain't it clear Gmaj7 A7sus4 A7 Verse 3 Oh that I, I can't fit D F#m Gmaj7 And I believe it's time for us to quit And when we meet again, introduced as friends Please don't let on that you knew me when I was hungry and it was your world Final chorus And you fake just like a woman And you make love just like a woman Then you ache just like a woman But you break just like a little girl……… You break just like a little girl A7sus A7 D (followed by an extended fast and furious D run 1 all along the neck) She breaks just like E A7…………. A7sus4 A7 D
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