Richie Sambora – World chords

D BmWorld, you open up your eyes
GAnother song we write
D E AAnd you begin to tell your story
D BmWorld, what would you tell us first
GWhen you find the words
D E AAre you afraid, that we might listen
B E F#Seems we're always trying to slow you down
B C#m ABut you just keep on turning round and round
D BmWorld, there's nowhere we can hide
GWe're as fragile as our pride
D E AShrug your shoulders, and cities crumble
D BmWorld, you taught us to believe
GGave us everything we need
D E AWhy do we feel, it's all been stolen
B E F#Have we always been laugh your breath
B C#m AEach life, one moment of your destiny
D BmWorld, we've had ten million years
GYou've shed our hopes and fears
D E AIs it too late, to say we're sorry
D BmWorld, you've been there as a friend
GCan we please try again
D E A DA world, we don't want you to end
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