Richy Nix - In My Head tab version 1


Guitar 1

e|----------------------------------| (x2)B|----------------------------------|G|-5555555/6666666/8888888\3333333--|D|-xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx\xxxxxxx--|A|-3333333/4444444/6666666\1111111--|E|----------------------------------|
G|8/101010/13131313\10101010\8888/101010\8888\5555\33/8888\5555533/5555\333-|D|x/x x x /x x x x \x x x x \xxxx/x x x \xxxx\xxxx\xx/xxxx\xxxxxxx/xxxx\xxx-|A|6/8 8 8 /11111111\8 8 8 8 \6666/8 8 8 \6666\3333\11/6666\3333311/3333\111-|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
This is my first tab.Please let me know what you think and hope you enjoy it :) I'll get the rest of the song done soon.
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