Ricky Nelson - Lonesome Town chords version 1

Lonesome Town - Ricky Nelson

C E7There's a place where lovers go,
F G CTo cry their troubles away,
F Dm C AmAnd they call it, Lonesome Town,
F G7 CWhere the broken hearts stay.
C E7You can buy a dream or two,
F G CTo last you all through the years,
F Dm C AmAnd the only price you pay,
F G CIs a heart full of tears.
F EmGoin' down to Lonesome Town,
F G CWhere the broken hearts stay,
F EmGoin' down to Lonesome Town,
D7 G7 To cry my troubles away.
C E7In a town of broken dreams,
F G CThe streets are filled with regret,
F Dm C AmMaybe down in Lonesome Town,
F G CI can learn to forget.
F Dm C Am Maybe down in Lonesome Town,
F G7 C CI can learn to forget, Lonesome Town.
- Repeat Chorus - - Repeat Verse 3 & End - Arpeggiate the two first bass stings and then strum softly the rest of them
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