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Subject: CRD: Ricky Van Shelton -"Life Turned Her That Way"
Date: 6 Dec 1994 11:06:10 GMT
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[ Author was Brian R Ross ]
[ Posted on 6 Dec 1994 11:05:34 GMT ]

If she seems cold and bitter
Then I beg of you
Just stop and consider
All she's been through

Don't be quick to condemn her
    A7               D
For things she might say
       A               E           A
Just remember life turned her that way

            D                                A
She's been walked on and stepped on, so many times

And I hate to admit it
But the last footprint's mine
She was cryin' when I met her
She cries harder today
         A              E                A
So don't blame her, life turned her that way
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