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From: Van Vekris <3EV1@QUCDN.QUEENSU.CA>

Cool Your Boots, by RIDE   -  From the album "Going Blank Again"

-  This is one of my favorite songs off the CD.  To get a sound close to that
on the CD, switch to a humbucking pickup (if you are playing a stratocaster,
 between the middle and bridge pickups) and use moderate distortion:

Chord  Progression:     Fsus  Am  C  A#
 Here is how I play these chords:

"Across 50 states of mind, I didn't feel inclined..." Fsus Am C A# - There is a bridge-type thing which follows this pattern: Dm C Am G Dm: xx0231 or x57765
- A lead guitar arpeggiates the Fsus, Am, C and A# chords in the following pattern: |---------1--------1------------0----------------------0---------0------1----1-| |------1----1---------------1------1---------------1------1-----------3---3----| |---2----------2--------2-------------2--------0-------------0------3-------3--| |------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
And that is really the whole song. Van Vekris (3ev1@qucdn.QueensU.ca)
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